About us

Welcome to Foffy's Wonderland! We're a globally touring pop-up light paradise that brings adventure and fantasy to life. Our mission is to create immersive experiences that captivate people of all ages, offering a magical blend of light shows, interactive art, and engaging activities.


At Foffy's Wonderland, we believe in the power of imagination and storytelling. Our central character, the adorable Fennec fox 'Foffy,' guides visitors through a cosmic adventure filled with wonder and surprises. We aim to provide a space where families, young adults, and fun-seekers can explore, engage, and enjoy a truly unique experience.


Whether you're looking to challenge your mind with brain-teasing puzzles, marvel at the enchanting light displays, or enjoy interactive inflatables, Foffy's Wonderland has something for everyone. We create an atmosphere where the impossible becomes possible, and everyone is welcome to share in the magic.


What sets us apart is our commitment to creating an environment that goes beyond traditional light displays. We combine visually stunning installations with hands-on interaction, IP-themed amusement rides, and city-exclusive attractions. Our goal is to foster joyful memories that bring families closer together and allow everyone to embrace their inner child.

Join us at Foffy's Wonderland for an unforgettable adventure. We can't wait to see you and be part of your journey through our world of adventure and fantasy.